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Crossdocks, Storage & Logistics was founded by Jose Rivas in 2016 to provide container product solutions for various industries around the world.

We are a family operation who understands the foundation of hard work and being of service. Built from the ground-up, team Crossdocks, Storage & Logistics has been working in the trucking, warehouse, crossdock, and logistics industry for over a decade. We believe in exceptional customer service, to be readily available when you have needs to be met, and to provide our customers with unparalleled assistance.

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Mode of Payment

The easiest payment methods we offer are to make things convenient for you. We accept, Zelle, Road-Sync, EFS Checks, ComData Checks, T-Checks, and Wire transfer.

Flexible Hours

We always keep our trucks on the road to provide 24/7 availability for any warehouse-related work.

Experienced Team

A dedicated team of experienced people are here to help you. Your transports are in safe hands.


We transport your goods within hours of covering the longest mile from port to the distributor and so on final destination. We offer drayage but we don’t transport any of the goods. The carriers (carriers). Our warehouses locations are close to ports and centrally located in the Fresno, California area.

Multiple Locations across California

We have 5 locations all located in the Central Valley of California, Fresno area(s). Our doors are open anywhere you might be coming from and anytime you need to store your goods.

24/7 Warehousing Services

We offer 24/7 warehouse storage services to meet all your needs and transport the storage units/goods on the same day to the distributors. World-class freight, transportation, and warehousing services are what we provide. We are available whenever you need our services. If you want quick inventory turnaround, our team and facilities got your covered.

Value Added Services

Our aim is to always make sure the services we provide are exceptional. Short-term or long-term, whatever your needs might be, our job is to provide a gateway of services so your trucks keep moving and your merchandise is in good order.

Crossdocks and Fresno
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Frequently Asked Questions

The rates are determined per pallet per square foot, storage fee, and any additional services such as re-stacking, unloading, re-loading, new pallets, palletization, labels, and shrink wrapping. Rates are based on standard size. Oversized loads are additional.

It can be anywhere from within a 24-hour period for short-term, to months, and even years for the long-term. Depending on the customer’s needs.

We do not store any hazardous materials in any of our warehouses in Fresno, Calfornia Area.

We use a state-of-the-art customized Warehouse Management System WMS which scans SKUs, and barcodes, and keeps track of all inventory within all Crossdocks, Storage & Logistics warehouses.

We use a state-of-the-art customized Warehouse Management System WMS to track inventory by product SKU that utilizes bar code readers, and system servers to track locations of all inventories’ specific locations throughout all our warehouses.

We have an inventory system that is specifically customized for our company’s needs so that our team can run inventory tracking accurately and efficiently.

We have pest control coming in bi-weekly, using a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution so as not to harm our employees or the stored goods.

We always keep a photo of any inbound and outbound goods. Once they are safe, and successfully loaded onto the carriers, we do a thorough inspection of any damages. Our team keeps records of photos showing that there were no damages upon loading/re-loading. If any pallets are damaged upon arrival, our team of experts will re-palletizing and re-stack the goods. New pallets are an additional charge.

We accept all methods of payment for the convenience of our customers. Some forms of payments often used are Zelle ACH electronic payments, Road Sync application, wire transfer, and EFS checks.

Aside from our 24/7 and full cross-docking services, we also offer palletizing, labeling, and shrink wrapping to name a few more.