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Is Crossdocking Services Right For You?

We take pride with what we do. It is our objective to provide the best services that you can experience.

We know how crucial time is and the importance of handling all your delicate inventory with extreme care. Cross Docking services reduces time so your inventory reaches its destination within days. Sales can increase all the while lowering your transportation costs. The cost of fuel, miles covered, and associated vehicle service costs.

We let you transfer your goods with reduced warehousing costs and time. It is our duty to help you reduce your long-term storage costs which maximizes your profits. With our customized, state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) program, keeping track of inventory records and quality control is never a problem.

The right cross docking service is waiting for you here.

Solutions we are providing to solve your delivery hurdles/problems.


Mode of Availability

We always keep our doors open when your carriers are on the road by providing 24/7 availability for any warehouse-related work.

Pay as you like

Our payment methods are all about convenience for you. We accept all forms of payment including but not limited to Zelle, Road Sync, EFS Checks, ComData Checks, T-Checks, and wire to list a few.

Storage facility

Large 1 Million plus sq. ft space is available for cross-docking and warehousing to store all your goods worry-free.

Coordinate System

A dedicated team, hard-working team of experienced personnel are here to help you with your loads. At Crossdocks, Storage & Logistics, your goods are in safe hands.

Product Turnover Rate

We increase business productivity with reduced stack time and we help you to increase your turnover rate.

Re-Stacking pallets

With expert care, your goods will always be handled with care when it comes to loading and un-loading. We minimize the risk of damage by re-organizing your pallet(s) in a packed box, as well as offer re-stacking on new pallets, which we can provide.

Cargo Transfer Services

Are costs an issue? If you don’t have an entire truckload to transport not to worry because our Less Than Load (LTL) services can accommodate all sizes of goods economically that can fit into your budget. All freight transfer needs, including loading and unloading inventory by drayage systems, can be easily done through Crossdocks, Storage & Logistics in Fresno, California.

Cargo Customize Services

Any customization needed to secure your goods? Our team at Crossdocks, Storage & Logistics in Central California have the aptitude to just that. Some additional services we offer also include palletizing, wrapping, banding, and labeling.

Short-Term Services

We know your carriers are coming in from all over the country. That’s a lot of miles and distance they’re covering. If you’re looking for a quick overnight stop, we got you covered. We can handle your inventory with care and have it ready for the reload when your driver is ready to hit the road.

Why Us?

Cargo Transfer Services:

So you are worried about your delicate goods and want to deliver them in just days with paying less amount then Cross Dock Fresno offers all these facilities to you. If you don’t have the entire truckload to transport, then not to worry because our LTL services can accommodate all sizes of goods in a cost-effective way. All freight transfer needs including loading and unloading inventory by drayage systems can be easily done through cross dock Fresno.

Cargo Customize Services:

If you are worried about your delicate goods so here’s the solution, we have for you. All the customization of your goods can be handled by Cross Dock Fresno and we will take care of your goods. If found any damage, Cross Dock Fresno will try to repair it and get it ready for delivery. It includes pallet building, stretch wrapping, banding, and labeling. 

Short-term Services:

Don’t want your inventory to be delivered if so 100000 sq. ft area is available for you in Cross Dock Fresno to store your goods. A temperature-controlled and cold storage facility in the area we provide where we store your goods for a time. You won’t be worried about the inventory as it will be placed in a good condition and reloaded for distribution when asked.

Advantages of Cross Docking:

Cross Dock Fresno works for you. Now you can easily transport your goods to their final destination from Fresno wherever you want. If you want to deliver your goods to customers in less time with no damage to freight, then Cross Dock Fresno helps you.

Our services are the most efficient gateways for transporting your freight from the distributors or manufacturers directly to the consumer or a retailer. Even for complex supply chains, we provide freight services.

A direct transfer of your freight quickly is only possible through Cross dock Fresno which allows you to save your money and time. Your product will arrive at the customer’s door timely without any damage.

We are here to help you. If you are finding cost-efficient cross dock services, then call us anytime you want.

Benefits of Crossdocking

Our services are one of the most efficient gateways for transporting your freight from the distributors or manufacturers directly to the consumer or a retailer. We work with your freight, carriers, and drivers to ensure that your goods have arrived, safely to their destination(s).

A quick and direct transfer of your freight is very possible through Crossdocks, Storage & Logistics, Inc. This includes making sure the loads are back on, safely into the trucks or taken off and placed in our care—short or long-term. No problem.  

We are here to work with you and help you. If you are fin-need of cost-effective, affordable Crossdock services, then call us anytime. We’re here for your 24/7. We stop when your trucks stop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cross-docking is the practice of unloading goods from a manufacturer or mode of transportation directly to the customer. It can also be a mode of transportation, with little or no storage in between.

Our faculties are all located in the Fresno, California area. We are able to accommodate short-term arrivals.

We notify our customers when a load has left our warehouse and is no longer in our care outbound or, when the load has arrived in-bound.

Cross-docking is the initial service once the goods arrive from the carrier. Our team handles the loads carefully, scans all the inventory into our WMS system, and then they are either stored as-is, or re-stacked based on the instructions per client.

Yes. Shrink wrapping is available at all of our storage facilities.